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Wakey wakey...

It's been a while, even for such a sporadic writer as I am...

Breathe Out Now went into hibernation in October 2021, and has re-emerged in a new form. Though hibernation in its traditional sense seems quite attractive as I write (it is a very cold day, at the end of a cold season, with more cold days promising to follow according to the weather forecast), I did not retreat into a long comfortable sleep, but rather into an intense period of evaluation, study and professional transformation.

When the shop in Hetling Court closed, the initial idea was to find new premises, ideally with greater capacity for in-house workshops as well as for beautiful stock. This may well still happen in the future, but for now my focus has shifted to more direct work with people in the form of ascension counselling and guidance. This is partly in response to the fast-changing nature of the energy of the world around us, not only impacting the ability to make long-term plans in terms of taking on premises, but also in how so many of us have needed to navigate fast-paced change, perhaps for the first time in some areas of life.

Why 'Ascension Counselling and Guidance?' That is a good question, and it took me a long while to establish what to call what I am doing. I wanted to make it clear from the outset that while I am offering a form of counselling, it comes with an invitation to people who are interested in their spiritual as well as their emotional selves, and how to navigate life on a practical level. The changes in the world have impacted a great many people on all those levels (including practitioners!) It feels like it is the right time to integrate my experience as a psychotherapist with my healing and energy work.

For years I kept these aspects of my life quite separate: though my spiritual beliefs informed my ethics and how I approached my work, I never considered the possibility of training as a practitioner in what were then considered alternative areas of support, more so than they are now. As the world changes, it feels to me as though the kind of support readily available to any of us who need guidance at a given time needs to adapt and change too in order to accommodate that.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about my work, or simply to touch base. It feels good to be back!




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