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About me

Hello and welcome.  


My name is Alex de Laszlo, founder

of Breathe Out Now, and I'm delighted that you've found your way here.

Breathe Out Now began life as a small shop in Bath for people interested in spirituality and mindfulness.  The philosophy behind the shop was to make spirituality accessible to everyone by creating a space where it was easy to browse and to ask questions, which is an ethos that is still relevant to my work now.


 I have integrated my past experience as a psychotherapist with more recent training in Reiki and as an energy reader and healer to offer guidance and counselling to people opening to the spiritual aspects of themselves.  Why Ascension Guidance and Support?  Because we are all going through a massive shift in consciousness right now, linked to a raising of the physical vibrations on our planet.  This can be experienced as a seamless expansion of awareness and understand of the world, though for most of us there are moments of doubt, uncertainty and many questions about what on earth is going on.


If you are wondering what you are doing in life, if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, as though you are ready to shed what no longer fits and wear your 'true' identity more easily, if you have noticed changes in what you like and dislike, including relationships, food, what you do for relaxation or 'fun', if you find yourself asking questions you never thought to ask before, it is likely that you are experiencing the effects of this shift in consciousness.  We talk about ascension because, even though there may be uncomfortable aspects to it, we are talking about the stepping into higher states of consciousness.  

These include more awareness of who we are as sovereign beings, that we are capable of more than we previously were able to understand, and a higher perspective from which to view and understand our lives.  A better place to live from without question; however uncomfortable moments can come from recognising old beliefs and programmes we are so used to that we're not fully aware of of them.  Part of the ascension process is to bring unhelpful patterns like these into consciousness, into the light of awareness, for healing, integration and/or transmutation.  


My job as I understand it is to be a guide for whatever stage of the journey that you are currently on, as we all need a fellow traveller to help us over the bumpy bits in the road from time to time.  The guidance I offer is designed to help you access your own innate wisdom, inner compass, and healing abilities.  It has become clear to me over time that we all contain our own inner healer, our own 'medicine' if you like, and can become attuned to our inner guidance.  We access this through an understanding of how most of us have carried belief and programmes throughout our lives which negate that, and which can make it difficult to believe in our own inner wisdom.  I can also teach you tools to help keep you grounded and embodied, and to access your higher guidance/innate wisdom. 

Allowing ourselves to heal and be whole can be a joyful and expansive process, and can also involve a process of peeling away layers of beliefs, programmes or blocks; a bit like shedding old coats that don't fit any more.  Perhaps you can imagine wearing many coats on top of each other, so many that they feel heavy and bulky and make it difficult to move easily and gracefully.  These 'coats' can be aspects of identity that we took on at particular times in our lives, like 'the coat of the good daughter', 'the coat of the naughty student', 'the coat of the kind husband', 'the coat of the efficient worker'...etc.  We've all worn a lot of coats, and there comes a point when we realise that the majority of them no longer fit, and that it's time to take them off.  Easy to visualise, and some may be easy to remove.  Others might be so tight and so familiar that they are like a second (or third) skin and feel hard to remove, even though we want to.  This is when it can be very helpful to have guidance: to recognise the old coats, to heal old wounds, to recognise our innate abilities, and to gain clarity on the way forward.


I've put the kinds of guidance and healing I offer under three, which you can find out about here.    In essence, they are each designed to help you access your own innate wisdom and to navigate your own way through your next steps, knowing that you have a guide by your side.  My ultimate aim is to walk with you for a while, until you have navigated whichever aspect of your evolution brought you to me, knowing that you can return if another rocky patch shows up, and also that there may come a time when you are able to offer similar guidance yourself. 

You can find out more about my work here.

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