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please note that you need to unsilence videos (bottom right hand corner of the image) to hear the sound. 

Simple Grounding Meditation
This is a fairly short meditation to help ground your energy.  Grounding is an energetic process through which we connect out energy to the crystalline grid of the earth.  It can help us feel more secure in our bodies, more balanced and focused.

Stone Buddha meditation
A meditation to access the stillness within you.
You are taken on a journey deep into the cleansing waters of your heartspace, where you remain fully present, still, aware and observant. Deeply relaxing and illuminating.

Cellular Healing Meditation
This is a meditation connecting to the concept of Indra's Net, and focuses on how this concept can apply to the cells in our bodies: how the information and vibration of one cell is reflected and re-reflected in every other cell. Focusing our attention, love and healing energy onto one cell thereby brings healing energy to every part of ourselves.
For more information on Indra's Net, see my video: "Flower of Life and Indra's Net: bringing a sense of play to working with sacred geometry".

(This video is not in any way to be considered a replacement for a medical consultation.)

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