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The dreaded holiday cold

I'd recently booked a week away from work, which I was very much looking forward to and had planned to do loads of things. It was half term for my children, and as a family we had a fantastic couple of days together. And then it struck: the aha-I-have-spotted-you-are-on-holiday cold. I was very cross, and not particularly receptive when someone kindly told me that it was all a state of mind. However, it had already occurred to me to wonder, going on the premiss that there's always a reason for us allowing certain things to happen, what the benefit could be. I wasn't up to doing anything active, so there was a fair amount of time spent on the sofa catching up with a silly and brilliant series on Netflix, getting more than the usual quota of cuddles with my children. That was it! I don't usually allow myself too much sofa, telly and - most importantly - cuddle time, and probably wouldn't have if I hadn't got ill. But thanks to the cold I got a whole load of it, and it was wonderful.


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