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The world is very busy right now.  

So many of us are busy worrying and managing our lives that it can be difficult to take a moment to stop.  And breathe…  


Breathe Out Now is a small, calm space in the centre of Bath where you are welcome to come in and do just that:  take a moment to pause and take a breath.  Would we like you to buy something?  Of course we would, but we would also like you to come in and say hello, give yourself that moment of calm, and if that is all you take with you when you leave again, that makes us happy too.


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It’s all about the exhale; get that right and the perfect in-breath will follow. Did you know that we tend to take shallow breaths when we’re stressed or anxious? Focusing on breathing out can break that cycle.  We have created a space for you to feel that you can breathe out when you come in. Take a moment, breathe out now, and ask yourself how you feel. Then maybe enjoy having a read of our journal…


We like to think of our shop as small but beautiful.  If you can't visit, click below to view our online products

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Events by Breathe Out Now.

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