This is a beautiful, beautiful oracle deck.  Created by Rebecca Campbell, author of Rise Sister Rise and Light is the New Black.  This isn't so much a deck designed to offer guidance or insight into day-to-day situations as one to help you connect to your inner wisdom and guide you along your spiritual path.  


There are 44 cards with 5 different suits:  confirmation cards, inquiry cards, actions cards, activation cards and transmission cards.  The cards are not numbered in any way so it might initially take a while to find the right page for your card, but as you get more familiar with them it becomes easy.


The deck comes in a sturdy box, which will last and works very well in keeping your cards safe.  In the box, along with the cards, is a comprehensive 122 page booklet; there are introductions to the oracle and how to use it, a few spreads - including the Cosmic Cross, Rebecca Campbell's take on the Celtic Cross - and a double page interpretation for each card.  


I test ran these cards with the Cosmic Cross spread, and was blown away by it.  The reading resonated on a very deep level to the point of tears.  Highly recommended for anyone interested in 'a deeper investigation into the whispers of your soul' (words from Rebecca Campbell's website).

Work Your Light Oracle cards - Rebecca Campbell