Tears to Triumph: Spiritual Healing for the Modern Plagues of Anxiety and Depression

by Marianne Williamson

pubished by Harper One

paperback, 220 pages


The preface of this book is the perfect introduction to it:


"We all face times in our lives when the pain of existence seems too much to bear.  For some of us, these experiences happen rarely, and when they do, the pain is relatively mild.  But for others of us, excrutiating pain can weigh us down and make the slightest comfort diffiult to achieve.  Deeper and deeper we fall into the well of our own tears, into a darkness that seems to have no bottom.  We wonder were all this suffering comes from.  And we wonder whether it will ever end.


If you, or someone you love, are living through one of those times,  - feeling that to take another breath, even to live another day, seems hard to contemplate - then I'm glad that you are reading this book.  You may find here some pieces of the puzzle you have not yet explored.  A mystery.  Perhaps a miracle.


This doesn't mean that you won't have to make any effort.  It doesn't mean that you won't have work to do on your own behalf.  Miracles aren't a quick fix, or an easy answer.  But they activate a spiritual power divinely authorised to help you.  Gid is here, even here, in the midst of your suffering.  And as you reach out to Him, He will reach back.


Consider the possibility now that anything could happen.  I'm not asking you to believe this, but only to consider that it might be true.  Simply thinking this thought - that miracles are possible - does more to pave the way for your healing than you can imagine.  It opens the door to a realm of infinite possibilities, regardless of what you have been throug or what you are going through now."


There's more, but what a great beginning, and a fitting & fantastic way in to this book, which sets the tone perfectly for what to expect.  This is a gem: read, learn, enjoy!




Williamson, M. "Tears to Triumph"