"Whispers of the Beloved"

by Rumi

translated by Maryam Mafi & Azima Melita Kolin

paperback, 135 pages


This slim and small book (approx 10cm x 15cm) contains a selection of Jelaluddinn Rumi's quatrains from the Rubaiyat, of which there are 1659 verses.


From the introduction:


"This book is the fruit of a joyous meeting between two friends sharing their love for Rumi.  At first, choosing and translating poems from the Rubbaiyat was more an excuse to spend time together with Rumi and deepen our understanding of him.  As time went on, we were faced with the challenge of finding words to unravel the hidden subtleties of his language.  Like the different facets of a cut diamond, the poems revealed more layers of colors, angles and meaning every time we reread them.  Dipping into the vast ocean of Rumi's works became an experience of great awe, discovery and joy.  Sometimes we were uplifted, sometimes lost for words, but every time more enriched and more in love.  It is in gratitude for these moments that we present these poems with the hope to share them with you."





Rumi "Whispers of the Beloved"