Breathwork: Use the Power of Breath to Energize Your Body and Focus Your Mind

by Nathalia Westmacott-Brown

published by: DK

hardback, 144 pages


Nathalia Westmacott-Brown is founder of First Breath.  You can follow the link to read about her personal journey and her work.


In this book, she offers:


"...50 step-by-step practices that you can use at home, each with accurate advice on body position, depth of breath, speed of breath, visualization, duration and repetition..... Learn how to breathe mindfully and with control using different breath practices for targeted outcomes - from overcoming insomnia to releasing anger or relieving depression."


This is another great book from the DK Little Book of Self Care series.  Some of the other targeted outcomes include:

  • combating fatigue
  • clearing unhelpful thoughts
  • boosting your resilience
  • cultivating self care
  • breathing for patience
  • countering dizziness
  • relieving headaches
  • breathing through anxiety.


Each double page focuses on one outcome, and give detailed step-by-step, illustrated  instructions


Westmacott-Brown, N. "Breathwork"