Spiritual Fertility: Integrative Practices for the Journey to Motherhood

by Dr Julie Von

published by Hay House

paperback, 216 pages


review by Teresa:


An incredible read!  This book encompasses aspects of fertility that the conventional medical community tends to overlook - the realms of the non-physical which are fundamental to conception. The dynamic spark that is behind a woman's body creating each new human is illuminated as a deeper mystery at play.


The journey towards fertility for some women involves energetic and spiritual healing to enable their child to be born.  Dr Von takes the reader on a path of healing their deepest feminine wounds and towards conscious conception.


Spiritual Fertlity shares bodily wisdom and practical steps for self-care, self-discovery and wholesome health.  These invaluable integrative practices for creating new life are offered with compassion and clarity.


It's unlikely anyone other than a woman seeking to conceive woudl buy this book, which is a shame as it contains insights that all of us (of any gender), on whatever stage of our life journey, would find truly transformative.

Von, Dr Julie "Spiritual Fertility"