These delightful cards were created by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake in the early 1980's while they were living in the Findhorn foundation, a spiritual community, in Scotland.  These are generally acknowledged to be the first angel cards which have inspired many others.  


They are small (2.1 x 5.7cm) and deceptively simple:  each card has on it just one word (eg Peace, Freedom, Openness...) and a very simple illustration of an angel.  The accompanying 156-booklet gives very brief additional interpretations/messages to go with each card, as well as suggestions for how to use them.


Though they were originally created as part of a powerfully transformative game called (funnily enough) The Transformation Game, these little cards have become very popular in their own right.  And it's clear to see why:  they are absolutely charming, and their simplicity means that they can be used in any number of ways: 


For example:

  • You can keep them to hand and pick a card every day, or whenever the wish for inspiration strikes, and see what angelic aspect is around for you at that moment.
  • You can visualise a situation you would like some help with and choose a card (or cards) for guidance.
  • You can connect with an angel for a given amount of time.
  • You can choose several cards for a spread.


The most important ingredient to using the cards is having a clear intention for how you are going to use them and to what purpose.  

The Original Angel Cards card & book set