The Little Buddha Finding Happiness

by Claus Mikosch

illustrations by Kate Chesterton

published by Ammonite Press

hardback, 127 pages, illustrated


A charming and beautifully illustrated book for adults and children alike, combining straightforward story telling with gems of wisdom.  The Little Buddha meets various people on his travels, each of whom have something to offer him and he in return.



from the back cover:


"Maditating day after day beneath his Bodhi tree, the Little Buddha realizes that something is missing from his life.  So, he sets off on a quest to meet new peple and see if they can help him undererstand the world a little better.


"Finding Happiness is the story of his travles, a timeless tale of friendship and curiosity that explores the art of being simply happy.  It carries the reader on an inspiring journey in which the Little Buddha discovers all manner of amazinf landscapes and lifestyles, but most of all he discovers himself."

Mikosch, C. "The Little Buddha Finding Happiness"