The Deepest Well: Heling the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity

by Dr Nadine Burke Harris

published by Bluebird Books for Life

paberback, 251 pages


This is a great book, great as in important if we want to understand how severe childhood adversity affects people throughout their lives - physically as well as mentally, and what we can do to ameliorate those affects.


Dr Burke Harris writes from her own clinical and research experience.  You can get a good overview of her subject matterm knowledge and the passion she has for her work in her 2015 TED talkShe is also the founder of the Center for Youth Wellness in San Fransisco.


Though she paints a harrowing picture of the extent of this still predominantly unaddressed health crisis (though some things have improved since her TED talk) she is filled with hope and concrete solutions.


This is an engaging book as well as informative, filled with case studies as well as science.  It is a must-have resource for anyone working with children, parents, and adults who would like a greater understanding of how childhood adversity might be affecting their current health status and what to do about it.

Burke Harris, Dr N. "The Deepest Well"