The Big Book of Angel Tarot: The Essential Guide to Symbols, Spreads, and Accurate Readings

by Radleigh Valentine

artwork by Steve A Roberts

published by Hay House



This is a large paperback (approx 23 x 15cm), with 285 pages, so it really is a pretty big book.  Radeligh Valentine wrote it to complement his Angel Tarot card deck, which he designed specifically to encompass all the subtlety and richness of a traditional Tarot deck, without any of the distressing or challenging (to some) imagery or card names.  


This accompanying book enhances and expands on the information in the booklet that comes with the Angel tarot card deck.  Prior to card interpretations, there are some very helpful sections, inlcuding on readig Tarot cards, the Angel Tarot itself, the major and minor Arcanas, and Tarot spreads.  The interpretations for each card include Angel numbers and astrology associtations as well as the more expected symbolism and meanings.  Major Arcana cards are also each associated with an archangel.


This is a book that I have found myself using more than I thought I would.  I initially bought it to complement my Angel Tarot deck, and did found it useful for that as expected.  What has been more surprising is that I have also found it useful to refer to in relation to more traditional Tarot interpretations.  Though Radleigh Valentine has changed the suits of his cards from cups to water, wands to fire, coins/pentacles to earth, and swords to air, and has renamed some of the Major Arcana cards (eg The Hierophant has become Unity, The Hanged Man has become Awakening), they correspond exactly.


It is also worth noting that there are no reversed card interpretations in this book (much in the same way as the backs of the Angel Tarot cards themselves are non-reversible.


I have to admit that I do enjoy Radleigh Valentine's deliberately gentle approach in this book, and have also found it insightful to refer to the Archangel Associations now and again.  It's defintely a welcome addition to the bookshelf.

Valentine, R. "The Big Book of Angel Tarot"