The Art of Asking or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

by Amanda Palmer

published by Little Brown Book Group

Paperback, 337 pages


Why do we stock this book?  It might not immediately seem as though it fits with our general themes of mindfulness, wellbeing & spirituality, but there is something to this book that made us want to include it.


Amanda Palmer came to widespread fame through successfully raising over $1M for a music album via kickstarter in 2012, when crowdfunding was still pretty much in its infancy, and her 2013 TED talk: The Art of Asking.  Her work is now funded directly by her fans, through the membership/subscription platform Patreon.


In this book she draws on her years as a musician and busking as a living statue, and describes how she built a relationship with her fans which enabled her to work without being signed to a record label.  


We chose to stock this book because of how vividly Amanda Palmer describes the building of that relationship with her fans, driven by a desire to create a new and different reality for an artist.  This is an extraordinary example of how one person can bring a new narrative into existence.  You may like her, you may not, but you cannot deny the power of what she has achieved.  Inspiring.

Palmer, A. "The Art of Asking"