The Akashic Records Made Easy: Unlock the Infinite Power, Widsom and Enbergy of the Universe

by Sandra Anne Taylor

published by Hay House

paperback, 235 pages


Sandra Anne Taylor is the twin sister of Sharon Anne Klingler, with whom she devised The Akashic Tarot, one of my absolute favourite oracle card decks.  I am therefore quite predisposed to like this book.  It is also part of the Hay House '...made easy' series, which I like for making quite an array of subjects easy enough to access without bending your brain too much, but not so 'easy' that it feels over-simplified or patronising.


In this book, Sandra Anne Taylor gives us a comprehensive introduction to The Akashic Records.  A pretty big task as: "the Akashic Records hold pretty much everything you would need to know about anything."


What are they?  In her introduction, Sandra Anne Taylor says that:

"The Akashic Records are a vibrating storehouse of information and energy, an ever-present resonance that expands in our livews and in the Universe itself.  They are in the smallest particle, the wavem the consciousness, the energy , and the information of eternity.  Embodying all the mysteries of life - your life, my life, the entirety of life from before life began, as we know it - the records will go on long after the world that we know disappears.


This makes the Akashic Records sound very mysterious, but it is my intention to demystify them.  Although they are esoteric, the are also very practical, and can be applied to any endeavor in out lives."


They do seem quite mysterious, I agree.  A bit like a quantum library that is bigger than the human mind can possibly comprehend.  A good thing about a book like this is that we do not have to fully comprehend it.  Sandra Anne Taylor gives us enough information about the Akashic Records for what they are to make sense and, to my mind more importantly, why it is useful for us to know about them, and how we can use that knowledge to assist us in learning and expanding as human beings.  


I am still not very familiar with the Akashic Records and how to work with them, partly because I haven't sat down and read this book properly.  It's definitely on my list though, as the snippets I have read are interesting, inormative, and leave me wanting more.

Taylor, S.A. "The Akashic Records Made Easy"