Created by Gabrielle Bernstein

Artwork by Micaela Ezra

Publisher: Hay House

card size: approx 12.75cm x 9cm


If you're a fan of Gabrielle Bernstein, I think you'll like these.  This is an affirmation deck rather than Tarot or oracle, so they are more about generating feelings of empowerment, inspiration and peace than about offering specific insight or guidance.


The 52 cards come in a sturdy 2-part box, and have a matt finish.  The artwork is very pretty, with a kind of Pop Art vibe.  There is no instruction booklet, but there is a single card with some info about Gabrielle and Micaela, and a brief message about the cards:


     'We're so excited you picked up these cards.  Their purpose is to guide and uplift you on your journey to living an inspired life.  Let them support you as you release old fears and patterns, step into your power, and strengthen your spiritual connection.

     Micaela and I created these cards to remind you that you can let go of fear and self-doubt and choose love instead.  Each message brings you back to the truth: that you can find grace in every challenge, that miracles are available to you in every moment, and that you already have within you everything you need to shine.'


This leaves you open to use the cards however you would like.  You might choose one at the beginning of each day, for instance.  They are joyful and uplifting and would make a really lovely gift, whether to yourself or someone else.



Spirit Junkie card - Gabrielle Bernstein