The Spirit Animal Oracle

by Colette Baron-Reid

images by Jena DellaGrottaglia

published by Hay House

68 cards, 204-page booklet

card size approx 9 x 12.7cm


The images on these oracle cards are absolutely beautiful, and while beauty is not necesarily the defining feature of a good oracle deck, it certainly makes using them a real pleasure. 


These cards are great.  I resisted having a look at them for a long time, because I didn't really see the appeal of a deck focusing on animal spirits, but am now a convert.  The cards are quite large, in line with most Hay House cards, which come in a good, sturdy box with a lid that folds over and closes (I should think) magnetically.  There is a also a small feature I really like, which is the ribbon lying under the cards, letting you get them out of the box without having to turn it upside down.  Stuff like that makes me happy!


Spirit Animal Oracle