It's Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance

by Tosha Silver

publisher: Hay House

169 pages


Despite the title, this isn't all about money.  It's rather offering an alternative to the idea of concentrating on what you want in order to manifest it:


...'what if there was a whole other way?  Instead of grasping and chasing, what if we offered everything - our money (or lack of it), our triumphs, our problems, our desires - fully back to Love?  What if this offering itself was actually the secret to abundance?'

(from the inside front over).


This book, alongside anecdotes and personal stories, provides step-by-step guidance in order to heal and surrender to Divine Flow.   Easily accessible, humerous in places, deeply moving in others, a beautiful book.

Silver, T. "It's Not Your Money"