Emmanuel's Book III: What is an Angel Doing Here?

by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton

published by Bantam New Age Books

Paperback, 259 pages


The third book of the words of Emmanuel, channelled by Pat Rodegast, in a question & answer format.  Here's a taste of what to expect:


'Here are some questions for your introspection.


Consult the wisdom

that rests beneath your mind's tyranny.

If, right now, you were absolutely sure

that you really are an Angel,

that you are eternal,

that you come from perfect Love

and will return to perfect Love,

what would you do with your life?


Are there any particular goals

you would pursue without the need

to be reasonable?


From which demands

would you release yourself?


What "history" would you forgive?


What judgments, dear one,

would you be directing at yourself 

and your world?


What is keeping you from living your life as an Angel

right now?'

Rodegast & Stanton, "Emmanuel's Book III"