The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation: 111 learnings to heal your heart and help you fly

by Amy Ransom

published by Hay House

paperback, 296 pages


from the back cover:


"When a relationship breaks down, how do you go on?

Start with this: 'I have a choice, now.'


It may seem challenging at fist, but you can choose to move past separation and embrace independence, positivity, authenticity, and new beginnings.


This book is for you whether you're in limbo on the brink of separation, you've just separated, or you're divorced and struggling to move forwards.  Split into 111 uplifting learnings, The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation draws on Amy's own experience and combines self-help with the Law of Attraction - the idea that we can attract positivity into our lives - to help you create a present and future you're excited to live."


Andrea Maclean says:

"What a beautifully simple but profound book - where was it when I needed it!  It's one to keep in your bag, by your bedside, and turn to when you need that little reminder that it will all be okay."


This book is set out into 111 short chapters, each focusing on one idea.  Opening the book randomly, it gave me :


"Learning 56. I Am Grateful"


which offers the following:


"I am not owed anything.  And neither are you.


That statement will either have you nodding in agreement or maybe it will make you feel indignant.  You are owed.  You're owed the relationship you thought you were going to have.  You're owed the respect of your ex-partner.  You're owed the life you were living.


You may have deserved it, of course.  But debt and reward are not the same thing and they don't operate in the same way.


I spent more time than I probably even realize feeling that my ex-husband owed me.  I felt he owed me for the years that we'd lost and particularly for the 'special new baby times' and the subsequent family years I would probably now never experience with a loving, compatible partner.


And yet, as the separation  has progressed, I have learned that I was not entitled to all of these things.  They were never guaranteed.  I sowed my choices and I reaped their consequences.  My ex-husband owes me nothing.


Instead, I see that I have so much to be grateful for.  And I am.


I am owed nothing because I have everything, as long as I don't expect my everything to look exactly like someone else's.


I expect nothing from my life now, going forwards.  I'll continue to sow, reap and learn, along the way.


And be grateful fir every crop I harvest."

Ransom, A. "The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation