This rather beautiful deck designed by Jerico Mandybur is subtitled: A Fresh Approach to Self-care, Healing & Empowerment.  


It comes in a fairly sturdy box, inside of which is nestled the actual deck in its own cardboard box. The accompanying guide/interpretation book is affixed to the inside of the box by its back cover, which may be annoying for some but does mean that it's easy to keep cards and book together safely. The spine of the box is quite attractive, so would sit well on a bookshelf.


The cards are Jerico Mandybur's take on the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, and have kept much (though not all) of their symbolism.  This means that you can use the cards entirely on their own basis and/or apply interpretations associated with the Rider Waite card family as you will.  The images are simpler than the Rider Waite and many other decks; the simplicity of the images and loss of some of the symbolism means that the cards could be perceived as more focused in their meanings, and also gives them a particular kind of beauty.


The guidebook is well produced and extensive, 144 pages in all, with a page given to each card.  There is a good introduction in which Jerico Mandybur introduces herself, her understanding of the Tarot, suggestions of how to care for and use your cards, and a few spreads, including one which may be specific to this deck or, if not, is certainly very appropriate: the self-care pyramid.


What is different about this deck is that as well as the brief upright and reversed meanings, there is also a self-care meaning given to each card.  These are great, ranging from a suggestion to do your nails to getting up to watch the sun rise, to using a specific mudra for a given time each day.  It's a lovely idea and works very well.


I test ran this deck by laying out the self-care pyramid spread.  It was a pleasure using the cards, and the interpretations made good sense, gave useful insight, and the self-care suggestions fit well with the meanings of the cards.  


Overall, a very good deck.

Neo Tarot