Mind Cards: daily cards for a more fulfilling life

by LSW London Ltd.


This is a deceptively simple box of 45 cards: "teaching you different techniques and habits to bring more calm, happiness and perspective to your life".


The pack is split into five categories:




Each card offers a different task for the day to set you on track to a more fulfilling and present way of life."


The cards are around 10cm x 6.3cm, and fit perfectly into a pretty (and well made) box of around 7 x 11cm, which is small enough to fit easily into a bag and pretty enough to have around the house.


I say that the idea of these cards is deceptively simple, because although it is very straightforward to pick a daily card and engage in the activity it suggests (and all the activities are for the most part very easily incorporated into busy lives), the effects of using them over time can be profound.  Training ourselves to deliberately engage in the actvities on the cards exercises those parts of us that are all too often ignored: how often do we pay attention to actively focus on doing these kinds of things?  For most of us it is not nearly enough, if at all.  


There is a Kids' edition of these too which I enjoy just as much as this set!


LSW - Mind Cards