The Little Buddha Looking for Love

by Claus Mikosch

illustrations by Kate Chesterton

published by Ammonite Press

hardback, 135 pages, illustrated


The second Little Buddha book by Claus Mikosch, this one is just as wise and delightful as the first.  This time, the Little Buddha seeks to find out about love on his travels, and the people he meets share their stories and experiences, helping him learn a little more each time.


from the back cover:


"Meditating beneath his Bodhi tree, the Little Buddha receives many visitors seeking his good advice.  But when one of them asks for his help in finding true love, he realizes he has no knowledge to share.  So begins his quest to discover what the world and the people within it can tell him about love.


Looking for Love is a timeless tale of the human need to love and be loved.  It carries the reader on an inspiring journey in which the Little Buddha encounters different people wrestling with matters of the heart, meditates on love in its many forms, and tries to unlick the secret at the very heart of lofe."

Mikosch, C. "The Little Buddha Looking for Love