Lightworkers Gotta Work: The Ultimate Guide to Following Your Purpose and Creating Changes in the World

by George Lizos

publisher: That Guy's House

paperback, 259 pages


In George Lizos' own words, this 'is not an inspirational book.  Inspiration gratifies you for a while, but then it dissipates and you're off searching for the next ephemeral fix.  Instead, the purpose of this book is spiritual transformation.   It's packed with practical processes that'll help you know and embody the concepts and practices in a deep and palpable way.  If you do the work and follow the processes, you'll be a different person by the end of it.'


Like the sound of that?  It's a very accessible book, and George Lizos has a friendly, engaging voice, which gives you the impression that he's on your side.  Chances are, there is something for everybody in this book, whether you are completely new to the idea of lightworking and read it cover to cover like a manual, are already very familiar with it all and simply enjoy reading it for reminders (though there could be something new in here for you too), or somewhere in between.

Lizos, G. "Lightworkers Gotta Work"