Eff This! Meditation: 108 tips, tricks & ideas for when you're feeling anxious, stressed out, or overwhelmed.

by Liza Kindred

published by: Rock Point

hardback, 144 pages


Liza Kindred gives us a big range of ways to, as she puts it: "not try to fix you , because you are not broken, but it will give you many tools and practices to feel more grounded, to disconnect from technology and reconnect to your own heart and body, and to live your life with a little more intention.


As I teach it, meditation and true self-care are gritty . raw, and real.  My offering to the world is a style of meditation that is deeply rooted in the foundational teachings of Buddhism, but presented through the language and experiences of most of our everyday lives.  Think of this as meditation with a strong grasp and a light touch." 

Kindred, L. "Eff This! Meditation