Intuition on Demand: a step-by-step guide to powerful intuition you can trust

by Lisa K. PhD

published by: Findhorn Press

paperback, 192


Some books I buy in because I already know them, others because they have been recommended or because of their reviews.  Some I buy in because they look intriguing, and when I have the time I have a lot of fun looking through them and figuring out wht it is they have to offer.  This is one of those.  


In chapter 1: "Making Intuition Tangible and Why This Works", Lisa K refers to when she bagan teaching about intuition, and states:


"People enjoyed the way I explain techniques in a down to earth, step-by-step fashion that was tangible and easy for them to understand.  They felt they could relate well to my being a more "grounded" person who was not "woo woo", particularly because of my background in science and engineering."


She goes on to write, after describing her extensive research into intuition and how it works:


"Dozens of articles writtten on how to improve your intuition will list meditation, connecting with nature and your feelings as the major steps.  The rest, as they say, is left up to reader to figure out.  Unlike these books, Intuition on Demand explains a structured technique on how to go step-by-step to make intuition happen when you want, on what you want."


Well, I have to say that I love a bit of woo woo, meditation and connecting with nature and feelings.  However I also love a bit of concrete guidance on exactly how to develop and practice things.  


This is an absolutely wonderful book, containing a wealth of information on intuition, what it is - as well as what it isn't - how it works, and how to hone your own.  Lisa K uses a mixture of information-sharing, personal narrative and practical exercises.  It was surprising and delightful for me to discover just how much there is to learn and consider about intuition, and I hope this book will delight you too.

K. Lisa; "Intuition on Demand"