Crystals for Energy Protection

by Judy Hall

published by Hay House

paperback, 329 pages



Judy Hall is author of the 3-part The Crystal Bible, which is one of the best-selling crystal reference books around. (I have had a copy of part 1 for years, and it is very well-thumbed).


This book is different in that there are not many pictures, so cannot be used as a reference in the same way as The Crystal Bible, but is instead filled with information and practical ways to use crystals to keep you protected - pretty much what it says on the cover!


But it contains more than just information on crystals and how to use them.  There is also information in what your energy field actually is, the chakra system (incorporating more than the 7 many people are already familiar with) and cleansing your sapce with smoke and with sound, amongst other things.


All in all it is a very effective teaching guide and handbook, and would be fantastic for anyone wanting to learn more about how to use crystals in a number of different ways, and expand their knowledge about energy cleansing/protection at the same time.



from the back cover:


"This books has all the crystals and tools you need to clear, heal and protect your energy field and environment, whether you feel your relationships drain your energy, you struggle to set boundaries or your body is under attack from pollutants or technology overload.  You'll discover:


  • The effects of electromagnetic stress on your energy field
  • Crystal solutions to balance the chakras and subtle bodies
  • How to strengthen your boundaries and protect yourself from toxic energy
  • Crystals to help you clean and clear the space around you
  • All you need to know to understand your energy field and ground yourself on the planet"

Hall, J. "Crystals for Energy Protection