Created by: Margaret Ann Lembo

Published by: Findhorn Press

card size: approx 8.9 x 12.7 cm


This is a 44 card deck with a 126-page guidebook, in a fairly sturdy box.


From the back of the box:

'Discover your soul purpose assisted by the wisdom of the gemstone guardians. Pairing an archetypal career expression with a vibrationally matching crystal, mineral, or stone to provide insight into your unique path, each of these 44 cards offers a question for contemplative thought, a divine guidance message, and a positive affirmation. The accompanying booklet explains the soul purpose archetypes, how their attributes relate to choices in one's life, and how the matching gemstone amplifies certain attributes further. You learn how to work with intention, focused attention, and the laws of manfestation to activate the courage and confidence to do your life's work.'


When I first test ran these cards with a past-present-future 3-card spread (one of those suggested in the booklet), I was a little underwhelmed.  I began by looking at the writing and affirmation on each card, which did not resonate deeply with me.  However I cahnged my mind when I turned to the booklet.  This has a realtively extensive introduction, in which Margaret Ann Lembro explains her ideas about one's Soul Purpose, gemstones, and how to use the deck.  She has divided what she calls The Soul Purpose Archtypes into 11 sections: Art, Building, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship (Visionary & Muldovite, the card pictured falls into this one), Finance, Healing, Investigation, Justice, and Protection. 


The text in the booklet relating to each card adds meaning/insight and also explains the connection between each archetype and the particylar crystal she relates to it.  The author puts a fair bit of herself into the booklet, sometimes speaking from personal experience as a gemstone expert, which feels like a nice touch.  After my initial reservations, I became impressed with this deck (going so far as to purchase a crystal shown on one of my cards to work with it as recommended) and will defintely turn to it again.


Gemstone Guardians & Your Soul Purpose