Latin Name : Salvia Sclarea
Part of Plant Used : Tops and Leaves
Source : various, including Hungary and Russia
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation


Clary sage essential oil has sedative abilities that induce feelings of relaxation, clarity, and calmness while alleviating dizziness, anxiety, and irritability.  It is also believed to stimulate libido in both men and women.


Claty sage essential oil has earned the nickname “The Woman’s Oil”, due to its benefits for women’s health, especially in relation to menstruation and menopause. 


Clary Sage oil calms and soothes the skin can be applied to promote healthy-looking hair and scalp.  If used aromatically, Clary Sage oil promotes feelings of relaxation in preparation for a restful night’s sleep.


Ancient Wisdom has been sourcing and bottling essential oils for over 22 years and studiously selects all of its oils, which are more often than not bought from primary sources.  All oils are tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards.  Organic oils are derived from plants that are not grown using pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals.


Please note that essential oils, while delightful, versatile and generally wonderful, are also very concentrated and contain active ingredients.  They should not be ingested, be kept out of the reach of children and animals and diluted before use.  Some have specific contraindications, and some should be avoided during pregnacy.  The information on this website is for guidance only.  It is not medical advice.  We strongly recommend looking up the uses, properties and contraindications of the oils you intend to use.  Also please consult a trained aromatherapist, medical practitioner, or other practitioner skilled in the use of essential oils if you are looking to treat a specific condition.

Clary sage ORGANIC essential oil - 50ml