Jonathan Livingstone Seagull: A Story

by Richard Bach

photography by Russell Munson

published by: Thorsons

paperback, 127 pages


Remember this?  Written in 1970, this beautiful story for adults and children alike marked the way to an interest in all things spiritual for many people.  This 'complete' edition includes Part 4, which describes life in the seagull community in the years after Jonathan left the flight training of his fellow seagulls in the hands of one of his students, Fletcher.  


Richard Bach's abandoned manuscript of the fourth part came to light decades after the book was originally published.  He explains in an afterward that while it didn't feel right to include it at the time of writing, it felt absolutely relevant to include it years later.  I agree with him, and am glad that he did.

Bach, R. "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull"