Archangel Fire Oracle

by Alexandra Wenman

artwork by Aveliya Savina

published by Findhorn Press


This is a 40-card deck of generously sized cards (12.7 x 9cm), each featuring an archangel.  It comes in a really good, sturdy box, together with a 144-page booklet.


The cards are divided into 17 suits, each associated with a different colour healing ray/flame.  After a charming foreward by Diana Cooper and a comprehensive introduction, we come to the pages for each angel card.  To give you a taste of what to expect, I picked a card randomly, and was delighted for it to be Metatron, who I have been picking frequently since getting my own deck, and am becoming very fond of!


Metraton's card is number 31, and is in the suit of the gold ray; his strapline is "Ancient Wisdom".  Here is some of what the booklet says about this card:


"One of only two angels who is said to have walked the earth as a human being - the other being Sandalphon - Metatron's earthly name was Enoch.  He is known as "God's Voice" and, as the divine mediator with humanity, he sits at the very top of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalistic tradition.

     He helps us to connect with ancient wisdom, so we can tap into our true genius.  If you ask him, he will activate your DNA,  crown and upper chakras.  When you are ready he will illuminate your soul's mission, so you may step on the Ascension path and become the best version of yourself."


There follows an account of Alexandra Wenman's first encounter with this archangel and the core messages of this card.  You are then also given detailed instructions for "How to meet Metatron", "Diamond Fire Alchemy: Metatron's Golden Cube", and also how to "Become the Angel", which in this case begins:


"You share in the wisdom of Metatron when you realize we are all connected through the opneness of the Creator.  All things, all beings have consciousness - even the rocks and the trees, so live your life from the perspective that all existence is a part of you and is sacred.


Hopefully this gves you a  flavour of this beautiful deck.  It may not straightforwardly guide you in making day-to-day decisions, but it will connect you to various aspects of your higher self that can help in all decision making processes, if that is what you desire.  There are any number of ways to use these cards, including choosing from the suggected spreads at the back of the booklet.


I have found that the more I use this deck, the more I like it, and have no hesitation in recommending it.




Archangel Fire Oracle